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Delta 12L Gas Geyser | Type D



12l Delta Gas Geyser


  • Never step up the hot water pipe size bigger than 15mm.
  • You will need at least 12lts of continuous water per minute for this geyser to work.
  • Do not use toilet connectors for water in/outlets. Use 15mm inside diameter connectors.
  • Do not run the cold water supply from an electric geyser
  • Do not use an orange hose as you will restrict the gas flow and increase the pressure resulting in gas starvation and the unit will not function correctly.
  • Use the correct size regulator.
  • Use correct size gas piping Sans10087-1
  • Ensure that the geyser is protected from water entering from the top as this will result in the electronic box and battery box being damaged.
  • Ensure to flush the water pipes before connecting them to the geyser. We recommend the gas installer connect the water pipes.
  • Kindly make use of a qualified gas installer to maintain the warranty

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Delta 12L Gas Geyser

Hot water on demand? No problem! With the Delta 12L Gas Geyser Type D, you’ll never have to worry about cold showers again. It’s like having a personal butler who heats water just for you, without having to tip. It’s easy to install, low maintenance, and eco-friendly and, offers a convenient and efficient way to heat water, providing hot water on demand without the need for a large storage tank.

By using natural gas, gas geysers produce fewer carbon emissions compared to traditional electric water heaters, making them more environmentally. No more cold showers during load shedding, get yourself a Delta 12L Gas Geyser today and start getting off the grid.



  • Ignition is through 2 x type D torch batteries
  • It does not require a chimney (flue) units to be upgraded
  • Open the hot water tap – the water pressure pushes the lightweight magnetic floater up and activates the geyser by signaling to the electronic box that there is a spark and that the gas solenoid valve must open the gas to the main burners.
  • The Delta 12l Gas Geyser operates on low water pressure.  This model will only work with separate taps and not mixers.
  • To determine the size required is different from the diaphragm units. Simply do the following to assist you with choosing the correct size. This exercise is only if the water pressure is low.
  • Measure the water flow per minute at 2-3 different taps in and around the house. Measure one tap then also open multiple taps to see if the water flow rate per minute stays the same.
  • Once you have determined the water flow per minute you choose the size geyser accordingly.
  • For example, if you get around 10l per minute, you install a 9l zero start unit. Do not install an oversized geyser as it will overheat and shut down.
  • Works from 0.065 up to 8 bar water pressure.
  • Once installed and you are ready to set the temperature, start by doing the following
  • The gas knob must be set to minimum gas
  • Set the water inlet valve to maximum water flow.
  • You can set the correct water temp by slowly increasing the gas.
  • This makes the zero-start unit the most efficient on the market!
  • It also has an LCD display to show the temperature of the water running through the heat exchanger.
  • It will not work well with a mixer in the shower unless you set the temperature to the desired setting and do not mix cold water with hot water.

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Delta 12L Gas Geyser Type D
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